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06 August 2010 @ 11:52 am

Hello there!! This was our presentation during the Smashmex Event held in Guadalajara. We started with our brand new Bonamana by Super Junior, followed by 2pm's Heartbeat. The beautiful Gaby danced Muzik by 4Minute (: Thanx to Morko for the video jajaja, this is the first time we have this angle view.

This songs were follow by f(x)'s Nu ABO and our traditional Abracadabra by BEG. I'm finishing the video edition for this 2 songs, so I'll upload them as soon as I finish them (:
01 July 2010 @ 10:04 am

Hey yo, finally! Here are the videos of our last and biggest performance at Concomics GDL 2010. As you can see, we completed Heartbreaker, and with our own G Dragon we rocked da house! Also, we made a dancefight between Perze and Val at the sound of BEAST first song, B2ST is the BEST. And our new brand performance: Heartbeat from 2PM. This one was really difficult, specially the acrobatics and such, but we will make it perfect soon.

Now a dance solo, by Rose, pumpin at the style of 2NE1's Try to copy me! And the final COMPLETE version of O Jung.Bang.Hap!! This is the hardest coreography we have put together. It is still a little messy, but we promise to give our best and complete it to perfection!!!!

So keep watching us, and don't forget to comment !

17 June 2010 @ 08:15 pm
Well, hello!! Val at your services haha, well like my fellow member Perze said, four of us went to Los Angeles to watch and live the amazing Wonder World Tour of the Wonder Girls featuring 2PM! So I’m in charge of giving you the tour and sharing our experiences of meeting idols. 

gave me 2 different tears, when I left without u...Collapse )

crysowofeliz  (for the experience xD), elfowo  (for the photos and heartbeat video), allkpop (for the video)
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11 June 2010 @ 12:54 am
So hello there!

We've been really busy, as some of our dear members are going to Wonder Girls & 2PM Concert this friday in LA. We decided to send out a DVD for 2PM with some pics and the coreography we executed, and for the time being here are the pics:

We begin with the six who participated:

All as 2PM

Franz as Junho:

Franz as Junho

Val as Wooyoung:

Val as Wooyoung

Elfowo as Taecyeon:

Elfowo as Taecyeon

Perze as Chansung:

Perze as Chansung

Rose as Nickhun:

Rose as Nickhun

Yuki as Junsu:

Yuki as Junsu

Again, the six making a popular pic from 2PM's album, 1:59.

All as 2PM


Credits: Thanks to Tsuka for taking the pics, JYP Ent. for the concept.
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31 May 2010 @ 09:02 pm
And sooo, the package of pics from our last performance is here~!






"O" Jung.Ban.Hap

To get the zip with all the pics in HQ, go HERE.

Thanks for all the supporttt!!

Credits: monkeysensei
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24 May 2010 @ 08:51 pm
Well, I think it was a success!!  I really enjoyed it n' I think the crew too. It was hard, TOO hard but we're strong and we danced with all our heart on it. ^^,/

Personally I have to cross  the city to arrive to Expo and I almost kick some asses to get in hahahaha It was funny but tired.

I hope all of you enjoyed our performance and we hope to see u in our next performances along the year ^^,

Thank Youuuu =)
As our followers asked for more Abracadabra, and we had recently finished Tri-Angle, we decided to prepare that show for the Pandakon.


Ok, this is a Huge medley. we started to mix different styles and artists. This time we passed from cute with T-ara and SNSD to powerful (TVXQ), adding freshness in the middle with Gdragon's heartbreaker and Big bang's gara gara go.
People loved the outfits and our own GD xD


This time we finally started with a girls coreography jeje. For the Setsubun-Hinamatsuri at Nichiboku japanese school, we presented Abracadabra. The Brown eyed girls are a huge inspiration for us, the have great vocals, cool moves and marvelous sense of fashion. This song is sexy and coordinated. We actually looked pretty good and people still loves this coreography.


Again, we perfomed the TVXQ medley for Concomics Artists. The stage was smaller than we expected... and also weaker jejeje... Maybe you can not notice it, but I think we actually broke the stage jejeje. Lucky for us, nothing bad happened.